Description & History

We noticed the need for community focused events and from the gathering of great hearts and minds that willed to do good in the communities we served, we wanted to do more than just a holiday fashion show, party or aution. We wanted to give back to everyone everyday of the year! From that moment on, #WeGiveBEcauseWeCare #365Days was born.

#WeGiveBecauseWeCare #365Days is a 501(c)3 that focuses completely on enrichment events that service the needs for families and youth. 

We started out with a NY Cares Winter Wishes campaign that serviced 60K familes with food, clothing, toys, books and many more requested items. We then held our 1st Annual #PromPopUpShop that serviced 100 high school seniors in the NY/NJ area. We then provided formal clothing for Sheltering Arms in the Bronx for their youth to have a wonderful homecoming ball. We are now preparing for our 5th Annual PromPopUPShop that is expected to service more than 800 male and female students in 8th and 12th grade.

About the organization

#WeGiveBecauseWeCare #365Days

Sheena Palmer
Ruthenia Johnson
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