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Since 1980, WellLife Network, formerly PSCH, has been meeting the growing challenges of individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and mental illness. Our multidisciplinary approach and centralized referral process help to ensure that each person we serve receives the appropriate range of services and level of care, with an individual treatment plan, coordinated by highly competent and supportive case management professionals.

In its early years, WellLife Network operated and maintained community residential facilities for people with developmental disabilities and mental illness, and to provide programs of care, service, habilitation, rehabilitation, social and recreational activities, in a homelike environment. PSCH was initially named the Professional Service Center for the Handicapped, Inc. In 1997, the agency officially changed its name to PSCH, Inc. In January, 2017 PSCH, Inc. was rebranded and is now called WellLife Network.

Partnerships Make It Happen

For almost four decades, WellLife Network has changed, evolved and expanded, while remaining  true to its mission of meeting the diverse needs of New York communities, business and society and assisting those we serve achieve greater personal and economic independence. WellLife Network has a long and valued tradition of working in partnership with government, the business community, private philanthropy and our colleagues in the nonprofit sector to offer proactive responses to society’s social and economic challenges. 

Since its founding, the WellLife Network culture has been marked by program growth and organizational development. Initially a modest organization offering residential services, PSCH has significantly expanded and evolved over time to address emerging community needs. As the agency has developed, major initiatives have been set in place serving new client populations. Our growth has also been fueled since 2011 through a sponsorship of the Pederson-Krag Center. This sponsorship expands WellLife Network’s reach to Long Island and brought us Family and Children’s services along with substance abuse, prevention and treatment programs. This merger resulted in a new name for the organizations – WellLife Network.

A Network of Services - A Culture of Caring and Best Practices

Today, with an annual operating budget of $100 million, a workforce of 1,800 staff, interns and volunteers and an affiliate subsidiary company, WellLife Network delivers critical services in the areas of behavioral health, intellectual/developmental disabilities, housing, co-occurring substance abuse behaviors, family support, vocational training and care management. These services meet the pressing needs of more than 25,500 individuals and families annually, some 5,500 New Yorkers every single day. A culture of caring, best practices models, a spirit of innovation and a commitment to measuring results and producing high return on investment drive our work.

A key element to our successful growth is our focus on technology, financial viability and quality assurance – critical infrastructure supports that enable WellLife Network to deliver services with cost-efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability in a manner that mirrors the standards of high-performing business enterprises.


To empower individuals and families with diverse needs to realize their full potential for achieving meaningful goals, guided by principles of independence, health, wellness, safety and recovery.



To be a leading, fiscally responsible and pioneering organization in the provision of integrated, high quality, outcome-based, and cost-effective health and human services that are mission-driven and responsive to the diverse needs of individuals, families and communities, business, and society.


To its mission of assisting people to heal, recover, and become more independent in the community, WellLife Network brings a core set of values that drive us to create, with technology, innovative solutions to the social and economic challenges that face our society. Our values include:

  • Change for Improvement - Envisioning an organization that is responsive to change to assure that all that we do is relevant and of the highest standards.
  • Integrity - Ensuring honesty, ethics and transparency in everything we do. Being a trusted partner, employer, collaborator and supporter and caring deeply about our reputation.
  • Quality - Holding ourselves to the highest standards of excellence in our work.
  • Person-Centered - valuing the persons we serve and helping them to achieve their life’s goals
  • Compassion - Caring for and respecting community, staff and those whom we serve.
  • Accountability - Being accountable to our clients; empowering our staff; responsible to our funders, supporters and partners, and demonstrating the efficacy of our work, our outcomes and our results.
  • Staff-Centric – Creating an environment which promotes staff development and respect for their contributions to the people we serve, which helps to drive successful outcomes.


The WellLife Network places an extremely strong emphasis on our infrastructure – the HR, IT, finance, legal, facilities, purchasing, grants management, development, marketing, communications and other administrative functions that support our staff to do their best work with individuals and families. Our infrastructure, which also draws upon the talents of specialty consultants, enables us to deliver efficient and effective health and human service solutions; gives us the capacity to quickly and efficiently launch and scale major programs and initiatives, and significantly contributes to our competitiveness within the field.

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