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The UWVC coordinates a series of programs that provide therapeutic benefits to veterans, including:

EQUINE THERAPY: Horses help veterans cope with mental issues by increasing feelings of calm and empathy.

SAILING: Veterans work together to overcome challenges by harnessing the elemental power of the sea.

ART THERAPY: Enable veterans to safely expressing complex feelings and issues through creative works.

RUCKING: Military-style marching/hiking with weighted backpacks; provides fitness and mental health benefits.

ASSISTED/UNASSISTED SPORTS: Introduce veterans with physical challenges to new competitive sports.

CAMPING: Provides an outdoors respite from the stresses of urban life.



The UWVC’s educational initiatives serve a wide range of audiences:

GENERAL PUBLIC: Promote the importance of veterans to our society, and provide pathways to engagement for individuals, groups and companies.

YOUTH: Create tomorrow’s supporters  (and today’s influencers!) by teaching youth about history and veterans issues.

SERVICE PROVIDERS: Help improve outreach and impacts through training workshops on key skill sets (Social Media, press release writing, etc.)

BUSINESSES: Create educated advocates within companies via Best Practices workshops

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