Description & History

CACF advocates for equity and opportunity for marginalized Asian Pacific American (APA) children and families.

CACF builds a community too powerful to ignore by:

  • Using and sharing information that counters the model minority myth and sheds light on community needs,
  • Activating APA youth and community members as “social justice” leaders, and
  • Mobilizing a coalition of partners to fight for systems and policy change.

Our vision is for all children and families, including Asian Pacific Americans, in New York City to be safe, healthy, and able to reach their full potential in life.

About the organization

Asian American Coalition for Children and Families

Denis Yu
Program Coordinator
2128094675 ext: 104
Andrea Wu
Director of Operations
2128094675 ext: 105
Vanessa Leung
Co-Executive Director
2128094675 ext: 106
Anita Gundanna
Co-Executive Director
2128094675 ext: 108
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