Description & History

1Face2Face is a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing meaningful stories to people in need, such as for hospital patients, seniors, rehab facility clients, etc.


Our volunteers are trained in story-telling techniques and communication skills and are provided with weekly, classic human interest stories...humorous, inspirational, historical and thought- provoking. Our volunteers visit specific, targeted facilities, seeking out those patients who would enjoy and appreciate a meaningful story from a smiling face for a few minutes of time.


A moment of laughter, contemplation, thoughtfulness or even a smile through a story, a chance meeting, is a small blip in a perhaps difficult day... but a gift of positive interaction and basic goodness of humanity nonetheless.


Our goal is to create a thousand such connections  a day in our city, our country, our earth; and in turn, make our world a thousand times better place every single day.


Contact us to join our next volunteer training session. Learn the life- changing dynamic skills of story-telling and communication. Help bring a tiny drop of good to the world... one face at a time!

About the organization


Shiffy Neustein
managing director/creative director
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