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The Time In Children’s Arts Initiative will transform the lives and learning of chronically disadvantaged public school children, ensuring that equality, opportunity and access – to the arts and through the arts – become staples of public education.


Time In’s brilliant arts-immersive curriculum will change the face of education, transforming the lives of at-risk children and, as a result, the communities in which they live. Continuously and creatively, we will engage the arts to ensure that underserved children have the tools and support they deserve to flourish, thrive & hope.


We believe that life-long learners and leaders emerge not from punitive time outs, but from effective participation in the real world.

Time In’s vibrant, interdisciplinary arts initiative ensures that underserved children, who would otherwise have no access to services of this quality, receive the material knowledge and positive reinforcement that they need to become both effective and knowledgeable creators, as well as engaged, responsible and thoughtful participants in a larger democracy.

Every child, regardless of socio-economic background is entitled to a thoughtfully crafted, arts-enriched education in which each individual child’s talents and needs are recognized, and the support for greater creativity, intelligence, self-esteem and a brighter, better future is more than just a promise.

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The Time IN Children's Arts Initiative

Cyndie Berthezene
Executive Director
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