Description & History

EIS has been serving NYC tenants for 25 years.

Because of our accomplishments we were inducted, in June 2006, as a member to the PBS/Channel 13/WLIW Community Hall of Fame.

Our clients are tenants who live in rent regulated apartments in Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn.

Our staff includes attorneys, social workers and housing advocates.

EIS provides legal, social support and tenant advocacy to tenants in NYC.

We offer representation in housing court, counseling and social work meetings and assistance with rental arrears and landlord/tenant mediation.

As part of our program, we provide tenant education seminars and workshops.

A visit to our website at will offer more details on the programs and services we have.

About the organization

Eviction Intervention Services

Audrey Tannen
Executive Director
(212) 308-2210
Dana EIss
Intake Coordinator
(212) 308-2210
Ramon Tomas
Office Manager
(212) 308-2210