Description & History

We accomplish this mission by providing: information and consultation to parents, professional training and development to the field, and advocacy and analysis to influence public policy and practice.

From CCI's early literacy programs, to supplying long-term intensive accreditation support and required credentialing classes for after school professionals, we have evolved since our beginning to meet the changing needs of children, parents, and professionals. Examples of this are seen in our new health initiative, which aims to inform the field on critical issues such as asthma, obesity, nutrition, and medication administration.

Our Infant and Toddler Technical Resource Center is another area of our work which continues to expand with the goal of increasing the knowledge base of those working with and caring for infants during their most critical learning years.

From its beginning, CCI has served as a child care resource and referral (CCR&R) service and today serves as a member of a five-member CCR&R consortium. We are recognized as a national leader in its advocacy and policy role, serving as a catalyst for change over the past 25 years. Our ongoing commitment and collaboration with community leaders, advocates, providers, parents and public officials has produced broad-based, institutional change with long-term impact.

CCI's policy work and advocacy is informed by a vision of early care and education as a comprehensive system, delivered in diverse settings and creating high-quality early learning experiences for all children, starting from birth.

About the organization

Child Care, Inc. (CCI)

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