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Experienced Marketing Volunteers needed for non-profit theatre!Experienced Marketing Volunteers needed for non-profit theatre!
Finance Volunteers needed at non-profit theatre!Finance Volunteers needed at non-profit theatre!
Grant Writing/Corporate Partnership VolunteersGrant Writing/Corporate Partnership Volunteers needed for award winning non-profit theater!
Internship Non-Profit Theater & Community Center!Internships NYC! Non-Profit Management Internship/Leadership Training Program for theater/community center in NYC! This is an intensive Leadership Training Program in non-profit business management. Interns receive hands-on training in an award-winning theater conservatory and community servi...
IT Volunteers needed for non-profit theatre!IT Volunteers needed for non-profit theatre
Rentals Team VolunteersWe are seeking experienced individuals to join our rental team. The individual must be familiar with managing a rental space. They will be responsible for marketing, regulating rental tasks, and contributing to running a rental business that provides financial assistance to the organization.
Salesforce Administrator Volunteers Needed for Non-Profit Theater!Salesforce Administrator Volunteers Needed for Non-Profit Theater!
Video and Content Creator Internship for Award-Winning Nonprofit Theatre Conservatory in NYC!As The Actors Theatre Workshop celebrates its 30th Anniversary we’re seeking intern candidates who possess skills in video production and editing!