NYC Service works to connect New Yorkers to resources that make donating easy. As part of its Zero Waste initiative, the NYC Department of Sanitation’s donateNYC program provides a quick and simple way for residents and businesses to search for and connect with local organizations that accept and distribute donated items, including gently used clothing, furniture, electronics, and more.

donateNYC offers an online search directory and mobile app [in Android and iOS] that allows users to enter a zip code to find convenient places to donate goods, as well as organizations that pick up items for donation.

For local businesses looking to donate a large quantity of items, donateNYC also has an online materials exchange and coordination service to help find the right organization for your gently used and surplus items.

Please call 311 for more information, or follow the link below to visit donateNYC today.

Thank you for donating!

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