Checking on neighbors, especially the elderly is a great way to volunteer after a snow storm. We urge everyone to be safe and take every possible step to stay warm.  

Snow Removal FAQ

 Q: Who is responsible for shoveling snow?

A: For more information visit:

Q: What if I am unable to shovel snow as a result of my age or a disability?

A: NYC homeowners who are unable but required to shovel should try to find a friend, family member or neighbor to assist them. If NYC Homeowners who are over the age of 60 or who are permanently or temporarily disabled are unable to find someone to assist them, they should call 311. Please note that volunteer matches are not guaranteed.

Q: Who should I contact if I want to volunteer to shovel snow?

A: If you want to volunteer to shovel snow, call 311 and ask for NYC Service.

Q: My sidewalk and/or driveway was shoveled but is now blocked as a result of plowing in my neighborhood.

A: Call 311 and ask for the NYC Department of Sanitation.