Good for Me. Good for My City. 

NYC Service is thrilled to invite our business partners to join our 2022 Good for Me. Good for My City. campaign. Good for Me. Good for My City. unites and supports businesses that pledge to engage their employees in direct service volunteerism to address New York City’s most pressing challenges. Read the full release on the 2020 campaign

2022 Campaign 

The 2022 campaign will continue to focus on leveraging skills-based volunteer (SBV) opportunities and strengthening community partnerships to contribute to the City’s ongoing COVID-19 relief and recovery efforts, but with a particular focus this year on the communities hardest hit by the pandemic, which have been identified by the Taskforce on Racial Inclusion and Equity. A key goal of this year’s campaign is to fully maximize and tap into the varied skills of your employees as they connect and engage with community-based organizations, small businesses, and City agencies serving to meet the critical needs of communities in this moment. We envision this campaign as a means for businesses to help effect real change as we ever aspire to improve our city and spread the spirit of civic engagement.  

Support for Pledging Businesses 

As the City’s lead on volunteer engagement, NYC Service is committed to working with pledging businesses to build out their employee volunteer efforts over the course of this year’s campaign. We will work with your business to help equip you with the know-how to identify and maintain high-impact and sustainable volunteer opportunities—helping you expand your own knowledge and expertise. We plan to offer several models of support that can be tailored to align with the specific priorities and needs of your business, including strategic consulting and training and tools to launch, manage, or grow your own SBV programs; develop or navigate relationships with community partners; and better integrate best practices in corporate social responsibility into your business operations. 


NYC Service will also conduct check-ins and engagement events with pledging businesses to evaluate and support the group’s progress toward meeting campaign goals. Additionally, NYC Service will leverage our social media channels to report on progress, promote volunteer opportunities, and highlight businesses that have successfully coordinated and participated in service projects throughout the campaign.  


Take the Pledge 

To join our 2022 Good for Me. Good for My City. campaign, complete the pledge form. NYC Service will be holding a campaign launch event in March—details will be forthcoming. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jordan Williams, Corporate Partnerships Coordinator, at

Corporate Service Look Book 

This Look Book provides a glimpse into the array of different volunteer opportunities available to corporate volunteer groups. Make a connection with a nonprofit or City agency that needs your volunteers.  

Guide to Impact  

In this Guide to Impact, you will find valuable information on the ways that you and your business can support us in our efforts to reach our OneNYC goals through corporate volunteer engagement. Individuals who donate their time, energy, and talents are able to help us address some of New York’s greatest challenges, and when they are provided with the resources and encouragement from their employers the businesses that keep our city moving forward there is no limit to the things we can achieve. We look forward to working with you and your employees to uphold the spirit of volunteerism and service that is vital to New York City and helping you get the most out of your volunteer engagement programs.