Neighborhood Volunteer Collaborative

The Neighborhood Volunteer Collaborative is a location specific training series for community-based organizations and resident-led groups that turns local volunteer research into real volunteer engagement practices. We believe all residents have talent to contribute to our community, and with access, knowledge and support, they will get involved. In four workshops, each between 3-4 hours long, we equip your team with research-based strategies and tools to recruit local volunteers. The series is completely no-cost, and is led by NYC Service volunteer experts. The first Neighborhood Volunteer Collaborative will launch in Flushing, Queens and surrounding neighborhoods this fall!

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Why should my organization join the Neighborhood Volunteer Collaborative?

Understand volunteer engagement patterns: Identify community needs and interests to target recruitment strategies and ensure a great experience for volunteers. Partner with us to conduct research specific to your neighborhood.

Increase organizational capacity to recruit and manage volunteers: Gain free NYC Service tools and resources that can increase your organization’s capacity.

Increase visibility and access of opportunities to local residents: Utilize networks, NYC Service resources and potential grant opportunities to build strategies to engage more neighbors.

Join a network of Neighborhood based organization: Connect with organizations in your community!


More information about the Queens Neighborhood Volunteer Collaborative:

Who can join?

• The training will discuss strategies specific to the Queens community. We highly encourage community-based organizations and resident-led groups from the Flushing area and surrounding neighborhoods!

Who can attend?

• Staff, members, volunteers of your organization or group! Where will the trainings take place? • All trainings will be held in Queens. Specific locations to be announced soon.

When does the training series begin?

• There are 4 total workshops that will begin in November. We will reach out to you soon with meeting dates and other information.


For any questions, email: We envision connected communities of local non-profits and residents, with access, knowledge and support to address issues in their neighborhood.

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