NYC Volunteers Count Report

The annual NYC Volunteers Count report is the City’s largest scan of residents volunteering at organizations across New York City. Organizations, including City agencies, Mayoral offices, and nonprofits, are surveyed  to understand how residents volunteer within the city’s infrastructure to strengthen communities at the neighborhood level.

Each year, we aim to survey as many organizations that engage volunteers in service as possible to include the diversity of services provided and the number of residents civically engaged as volunteers. 



Contribute to the 2019 NYC Volunteers Count Report 

Gather your data and prepare to respond to the survey! The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete; responses will not save, so be sure to complete all questions in one sitting.

  1. How many unique individuals volunteered at your organization between January 1 and December 31, 2019? Bonus: how many youth, adults, seniors, and corporate volunteers were engaged? 
  2. What is the combined number of hours these individuals volunteered at your organization in 2019? Look ahead: Individual volunteer hours are important, too!
  3. Will you recognize volunteers with 100+ hours of service in 2019 for the Mayoral Service Recognition Program? Pro-tip: Collect names and hours each volunteer served in 2019 now! *You can submit volunteer names after completing the 2019 NYC Volunteers Count Survey.

Preview all questions included in the survey before starting the online form.

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Your agency’s/organization’s name and volunteer numbers will be shared in our citywide report, allowing NYC Service the opportunity to share your great work!

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