Supporting Your Community Through Effective Partnerships & Volunteer Engagement:

A Toolkit for Community-Based Organizations and Other Volunteer Collectives


View & Download Our Toolkit for CBOs and Other Volunteer Collectives Here!


NYC Service is proud to announce the release of a new resource for NYC-based organizations and volunteer collectivesSupporting Your Community Through Effective Partnerships & Volunteer Engagement. Are you looking for ways to address needs in your community effectively and have a greater impact? This toolkit is designed for non-profits, community-based organizations, mutual aid networks, and other entities managing volunteers that are interested in maximizing their impact utilizing partnerships and volunteers to address the city’s greatest needs. 

In addition to providing a wealth of resources and tools, organizations will learn how to understand their community and assess the organization's ability to meet its needs, increase capacity for impact through partnerships and volunteers, and finally to evaluate, evolve, and share their stories.


Training Series 

We are also pleased to announce the launch of a FREE, parallel training series open to volunteer managers interested in taking a deeper dive into the contents of the toolkit. This training series will cover various sections of the toolkit in-depth and provide the opportunity for participants to share best practices and share out their experiences. Our trainer and toolkit author Amita Nagaraja is a strategic consultant and coach who serves as the Non-Profit Consultant for NYC Service.

The remaining sessions of the training series will be held virtually from 11:00am - 12:30pm on the following dates.

1. January 27th, 2022

Session I: Understand Your Community and Assess Your Ability to Meet its Needs

Download the PDF "Maximizing Impact: Session I"


2. February 3rd, 2022 

Session 2: Increase Your Capacity for Impact Through Partnerships

Download the PDF "Maximizing Impact: Session II"


3. February 10th. 2022 

Session 3: Increase Your Capacity for Impact Through Volunteer Engagement

Download the PDF "Maximizing Impact: Session III"