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Please read all program information, including related documents to your right, BEFORE applying to the program.

About the NYC Service Fellowship Program

The NYC Service Fellowship Program is a one year program that provides a unique opportunity to obtain practical City government experience in the areas of volunteerism and service at the City level. 

The centerpiece of the program is a full-time professional work experience at NYC Service as Program/Initiative “Coordinators” working on the office’s national service programming, national service support, volunteer strategy & development, volunteer capacity building, or public/private partnerships work. 

Length of Program

This is a one year program focused on a full-time work experience in City government. The 2021-2022 program year begins in late August or early September 2021, depending on the position.


NYC Service Coordinators in our program are paid a taxable stipend of $55,326 and receive a choice of paid health insurance plans (vision and dental not included).

Administrative Days

NYC Service Coordinators receive 12 “administrative days” (i.e. paid days off) during their time at NYC Service (one day for each month they work). Administrative days may be used for any requested days off (e.g. vacation, sick days, etc.).


NYC Service Coordinators, in addition to meeting all other stated requirements (please see "Eligibility" posted under "Related Docs" on the right side of this page), should have one year of service-related experience (e.g. national service, volunteer experience/community service) and it does not need to be consecutive. Priority will be given to those who have completed a national service program, i.e. AmeriCorps State and National, VISTA, NCCC, etc. for some positions. The experience is also designed for recent graduates, therefore individuals no more than four years out of an undergraduate or graduate program are strongly preferred.

If accepted in the NYC Service Fellowship Program, please note that you must be a City resident or become a City resident within 90 calendar days of the date of appointment.

Service Coordinator Positions

Please carefully review the open Service Coordinator positions for the 2021-2022 program year attached to your right under "Related Documents" BEFORE you apply to the program. Positions include the following:

- Capacity Building Coordinator

- Digital Engagement Coordinator

- Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA) Volunteer Coordinator

- National Service Operations Coordinator

- National Service Program Coordinator

- Neighborhood Strategy & Engagement Coordinator

- NYC Service Corporate Partnerships Coordinator

- NYC Service Year Program Coordinator

Application Instructions

Please carefully read the application instructions, timeline, eligibility, and FAQs, posted to your right under "Related Documents" BEFORE your apply to the program.

For additional questions about the NYC Service Fellowship Program, please email us at

Below is the 2021-2022 NYC Service Fellowship Info Session. Watch online: