NYC Youth Leadership Councils are The Place to Make Change Happen in Your Neighborhood, School, or Borough!

NYC Youth Leadership Councils (YLCs) provide opportunities for you to share ideas to create community solutions. YLCs also give you the tools to put them into action with your friends and adults to support you. Team up with teens from your neighborhood or school and meet new people who share similar interests, while making “it” happen.

What exactly is your “it”? The change you wish to see! 

New Yorkers ages 14-21 currently enrolled in high school or an equivalency program are eligible to join a YLC.

Apply today to partner with adults to create community solutions across New York City!

To learn more about what being on a YLC is like, watch Clive Denasty share his YLC experience in the video below.

Youth Leadership Councils are looking for applicants from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences – you don't need to have any prior leadership experience to apply

So, what’s in it for you?

  • Learn how to influence your neighborhood and city by acting on a plan you helped to create
  • Gain insight into college and career opportunities
  • Get community service hours for school and your resume
  • Develop your professional and life skills 
  • Gain more confidence in communicating your ideas
  • Meet people like you from different neighborhoods across NYC
  • Receive a certificate signed by the mayor to include in your resume
  • And so much more!

Are you an adult who works at a City agency, nonprofit, school, or other organization? If youth voice counts in your work, click here to learn how to host a Youth Leadership Council.

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