NYC Service is a proud Employer of National Service representing the City of New York!

National Service further develops essential skills that make AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and Service Year alumni assets for organizations and companies seeking high-quality employees. NYC Employers of National Service, pledge to recruit service members, and provide an opportunity for future job applicants to identify themselves as AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, or Service Year alumni.


Are you an AmeriCorps or Peace Corp alum? Find Out More Here.


Are you an organization looking to learn more about becoming an employer of National Service? Check out New York City's Employers of National Service.


SYA Impact Communities

NYC Service is a member of Service Year Alliance’s Impact Community program. Service Year Alliance’s Impact Communities are collaborative efforts among community stakeholders to leverage service years and national service programs as a tool to address community needs. By coordinating local efforts, impact communities work to create the conditions for universal national service — full-time, paid service that is impactful, equitable, offers career, education, and civic opportunity, and exists at scale. Impact Communities can be at all levels. When organizations sponsoring these programs work together with local government agencies, elected officials, community leaders, philanthropic organizations, education institutions, and other community stakeholders, they are more effective at transforming lives, strengthening communities, and fueling civic renewal.