July 09, 2013
Rockaway Barrier Beautification Project gets started
Jamaica Bay Restoration Corps are busy priming the Jersey barriers along Rockaway Beach so we can paint them -stay tuned to see how the designs come out! —
June 26, 2013
Washington DC -- The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) today announced 267 grants to national and local nonprofits that will engage more than 45,500 new AmeriCorps members in improving lives and strengthening communities from coast to coas
June 22, 2013
Citi Global Community Day 2013
Citi Global Community Day 2013 making a difference at Rockaway Park – Beach 116th Street this past Saturday.
June 17, 2013
Pittsburgh Gets Cool with White Roofs
Pittsburgh launched the Mayor’s Cool Roofs program, an initiative that will coat the roofs of 10 city-owned buildings with reflective paint, making them more energy efficient
June 13, 2013
ING Volunteers Helping rebuild a house damaged by Hurricane Sandy
ING volunteers helping put the basement back together for an FDNY dispatcher whose house was damaged by Hurricane Sandy in Canarsie (Brooklyn).
June 07, 2013
Colgate-Palmolive help refurbish NYCHA Day Care Center Impacted by Hurricane Sandy
Colgate-Palmolive volunteers getting ready to refurbish the NYCHA Issac/Holmes Tower Day Care Center.
May 28, 2013
The Power of Giving
May 18, 2013
Students helping Students spruce up a school garden that was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy
Students from Greenwich Academy help students from Scholar's Academy in Rockaway Park spruce up their school gardens that were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. At Scholars Academy.
May 16, 2013
Could Michael R. Bloomberg save Athens? That thought was in the air as Athens’s mayor, Giorgos Kaminis, spent an hour at City Hall on Wednesday with Mayor Bloomberg’s head of volunteer services, Diahann Billings-Burford.
April 26, 2013
The Mayor's Fund has committed over $52 million to public-private recovery projects. Marking the six-month anniversary of the hurricane's landfall in New York, the Mayor's Fund released Hurricane Sandy 6-Month Update, a report describing the progress and ongoing impact of public-private partnerships on the City's recovery from the storm. — Spring 2013

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