NYC Service Summit

On July9th, NYC Service with United Way of New York City announced a partnership with The Franklin Project at theAspen Institute to increase service and volunteerism in the City of New York. 

During the NYC Service Summit, Paula Gavin, Chief Service Officer, launched the 2014 NYC Service Stratergic Plan. Within this plan, NYC Service launched an ambitious goal to increase the percentage of New Yorkers volunteering to 50%. Through partnership with City agencies, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and private corporations, NYC Service will focus New Yorkers' volunteer efforts toward 20 initiatives that address the City's  greatest needs.

Mayor de Blasio showed support for this aim at his visit to the NYC Service Summit. “We need the skills and diversity of all New Yorkers to tackle such challenges, strengthen our communities and give all New Yorkers a fair shot at success. The work being done by United Way of New York City, NYC Service and The Franklin Project at the Aspen Institute will aid the goals of City Hall to address our city’s most pressing needs."

Learn more about  Mayor de Blasio's perspective on the significance of service and volunteerism by watching the full speech below: