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Pro Bono/Skills-Based Volunteering Resources

Are you a nonprofit considering using pro bono/skills-based volunteers to address an organizational challenge?

If so, check out the curated resources below, from Taproot Foundation, Common Impact, and Points of Light, to guide you through a successful pro bono/ skills-based service engagement - from A to Z.

Already have a project in mind? Work with our intermediary partners to find pro bono volunteers:

Gray Matters NYC

Harvard Business School, Community Partners


Make a Mark


STEP 1: Understanding Pro Bono/Skills-Based Volunteering

Skills-Based Volunteering 101: Is your organization ready to engage?

The Monetary Value of Pro Bono/Skills-Based Service

Pro Bono Case Study: PAIR Project

Project Portfolio

STEP 2: Assessing Your Readiness

Use the Readiness Roadmap to Understand How to Navigate Pro Bono/Skills-Based Service (web-based tool only)

Organizational Readiness Survey

Project Readiness Survey

The Skills-Based Service Engagement Tool Assesses Your Effectiveness in Engaging Skills-Based Volunteers

Principles of a Successful Pro Bono/Skills-Based Service Engagement

SBV Nonprofit Project Leader Description

STEP 3: Scoping Your Project

Skills By Project Type Resource

Scoping Template

STEP 4: Find a Pro Bono Volunteer through NYC Service Partners

Gray Matters NYC

Harvard Business School Community Partners


Make a Mark


Consider using these resources to support you in creating an effective project proposal:

Craft a Job Description Worksheet

Corporate Pitch Worksheet

STEP 5: Effectively Manage Pro Bono/Skills-Based Projects in 5 Phases

PHASE ZERO: Preparing for Kick-Off


PHASE TWO: Discovery


PHASE FOUR: Delivery and Implementation

PHASE FIVE: Celebration!

STEP 6: Evaluating Your Pro Bono Project

Quantifying the Value of Your Pro Bono Project

Skills-Based Volunteering Evaluation Tool


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